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First Step Preschool is owned and operated by Black Forest Community Church , United Church of Christ. This Christian, non-profit preschool offers activities and programs to persons of all faiths and creeds. Our program is Christ-centered, but is not designed to limit access to persons of only Christian faith. We do not proselytize or make any attempt to convert the families we serve. We encourage diversity in our classrooms and in our effort to enhance your child's learning community.

Working with patterns Our philosophy at First Step Preschool is to offer a high quality educational program in a Christian environment that is safe and exciting for a child to grow and develop. First, as teachers, we try to create a love for learning in all students. We hope this fosters a life-long desire to learn. We work towards the development of the whole child in all intellectual areas of growth including spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional. First Step Preschool offers a curriculum that will get children ready for kindergarten.

Our learning environment provides developmental growth in concepts, cognitive, problem solving, fine and gross motor skills, self-help skills, whole language, alphabet/phonics, math, science, art, music and Spanish. In each area of development, we encourage hands-on creativity and self-expression, always giving freedom to explore, contemplate, imagine, initiate and become active in the learning process.

We begin the school day with a prayer, and later in the morning, we continue with a prayer before snack. Students who do not wish to participate in prayer are asked to observe a moment of silence. Daily circle time focuses in the teaching of all of the above and more. We also provide opportunities for self-expression and communication skills enhancement. One structured activity is show-and-tell once a week. As educators, we recognize the significance of our education: intertwining scholastics with Christianity. As early childhood educators, we recognize the importance of a child's formative years: they are crucial. Our goal is to promote life-long learners.

Within a Christian environment, the children practice the ability to function cooperatively in the classroom setting. We provide ample opportunity for interactive play. Play time for children influences the intellect, the emotions, and the body of the child: play is a child's work. Through interactive play activities the child clarifies his/her understanding of the world, enriches his/her vocabulary, and satisfies their need for feeling important and enjoying success.

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