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Children enter our preschool at different levels of development in all areas. We realize that we cannot compare children and that they all learn in different styles and their progress varies greatly from one another. We believe in our Montessori-based settings, with ECERS tools as reinforcement. We follow the Creative Curriculum ® . Children come to us with their own unique abilities and we believe that they learn at their own pace. Teachers monitor children's developmental progress throughout the year. We have one-on-one testing twice during the school year. The first one when they start school to see where they are and the second one at spring time just before parent-teacher conferences.

Our curriculum falls into nine categories: Language Arts, Math,Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Social Studies, Science, Music, Art and Bible Stories. For a more detailed breakdown of our curriculum, please contact the Director, Geanina Brown. Puppets teaching diversity

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